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X-Frame Banner Print

X-Frame Banners with Stand can be used anywhere you would like to display large format freestanding graphics. They are most often used where portability is a key consideration, such as at trade shows, seminars, and presentations. X-Frame Banners with Stand are also a good idea if you would like to move them around within your business environment. Consider using them for storefront displays to showcase a new product or special. Our Banners exhibit a wide color gamut, so they are great for colorful graphics. X-Frame Stands come in 3 sizes to accommodate any of the 3 X-Frame Banner sizes we offer.


Size: 24x63 inches

Material: 13 oz. Matte Vinyl Water resistant and sturdy enough for outdoor use, Matte Vinyl creates a flat background that helps your text or design pop on the banner.

X-Frame Banner Print

  • *There are no refunds on print projects once the proof is approved. Please proof your design carefully, because once your design is in the printing process; we don't take responsibility for any errors after the design has been approved.